I have mixed memories, mostly good, of how I came to grow these flowers. The daffodils came to me four+ years ago, in December, just after the horror of the 2016 election. The Bolinas member of the knitting group was hosting, and giving away lovely, firm daffodil bulbs. We were a fairly subdued group of knitters that day, not celebrating as we’d hoped to be. However, my strongest memory is the camaraderie, the knitting, and the basket full of life that bulbs represent. I planted them under the dogwood, and every year they remind me of that gathering.

Daffodils, evergreen clematis, primroses, pansies, willow twigs

The cups of the daffodils are such nice circles I thought I’d give a circular mandala a go. Which do you prefer? I like them both, but prefer the cloth backing.

Same materials

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  1. Peter Gradjansky

    Both great. The blue somehow pops more spectacularly in the round one. I love the white barn. I don’t know if you noticed that for six months or so, the boards in the vertical wall of the north-facing gble were missing. I called to be sure NPS WAS PLANNING TO REPAIR, OR TO OFFER TO HELP, AND WAS TOLD IT WAS VANDALISM, HARD TO BELIEVE REPLACED NOW, (SORRY FOR THE UPPER CASE, WHICH I JUST NOTICED) Still has not been painted white again.

    1. Carol Whitman

      I noticed that, but didn’t know it was vandalized. People are so strange.

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