Working with the money plant’s inner leaves is like playing with shimmery shells. As green plants they don’t look like much, and the flower is kinda “meh”, but when it’s dried and the outer husks are removed, then wow! Thanks to a friend for gifting them to me. It’s a lunaria, and these shimmery guys do look moon-like. They prefer part shade, and moist soil. They’re biennial. I can provide the former, though the latter is hard to find these days. We have an old water system for irrigation, built many years ago. It’s still going, in spite of the drought — fingers crossed.

Zinnias, money plant, gentian salvia, hollyhock flowers and petals
Bay trees on the Inverness fire trail

Today’s walk took me up the fire trail above First Valley in Inverness with a friend. Getting out almost every day now, and it’s so satisfying and therapeutic.

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