Indivisible West Marin has their monthly meeting today. Our agenda includes a quick update on the current political landscape — the status of the filibuster, expanding the Supreme Court, and DC Statehood. Then we move on to voter suppression, where new laws are being pushed through state legislatures, and how grassroots organizations are responding to them. I’m going to give an update on Arizona, Texas and Georgia, then a brief discussion about texting versus phone banking. After that we’ll start a preliminary discussion about the 2022 House campaigns in California. There’s more, but you get the jist. 

Ranunculus, dogwood centers and leaves, blue fescue grass

At the bottom of the agenda is “1st Annual Picnic”. After meeting on Zoom for the last year, this lifts my heart. We’ve bonded over tons of postcards, thousands of phone calls. Since the 2016 election I’ve gotten to know what for me is a new set of people, mostly women, who’ve taught me a lot. Sometimes I am uninspired to make the next phone call, but I’m always glad that I do it. Political activism has stretched me a lot. In a way it’s made it necessary to make the mandalas. The gravity of what we’re dealing with has to be offset by something positive, and I’ve found my genre combining flowers and art. It will be so satisfying to sit outside together, eat, and visit.
BTW, we have two phone banks a week, and you can participate from anywhere, time zones accounted for, with a phone and a computer. If you want to try it out, let me know. I’ll teach you. We meet Mondays 1-2:30, and Thursdays 2:30-4.

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