Spud’s Crab Sandwich

I am working on not rushing. Going faster stimulates my already over-active nervous system. My anxiety rises, and much of it is my own doing. So this morning, I got the mandala done, in between a walk with a friend at Millerton, and a lunch date with Bob at Spud’s in Bodega Bay. Getting the mandala up and posted here was going to have to wait, which means telling myself to slow down, to simply feel my feet, my breath, my body, and notice my thoughts. I am not my thoughts. Can you tell I’ve started meditating again? It does help with all the mental rushing that I do.

Daffodils, Siberian bugloss, tips of redwood branches, daisies, tiny viburnum flowers

The Siberian bugloss (aka Brunnera macrophylla) leaves and blue flowers are exquisite, no? This plant was hidden away under brush when we moved here 5 years ago. I divided it, and now there are two of them.

Running low on the book. Order now to get the first edition.

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