I’m feeling like the other shoe is going to drop. We had four years of horrific chaos, cruelty and drama, and some part of me doesn’t believe that it’s over. The expression means waiting for something you know is going to happen, and comes from tenements in New York City Housing was flimsy, the walls and floors were thin. Bedrooms were built on top of one another. You could hear the person upstairs take off their shoe, and drop it. Then they’d take the other shoe off, and drop that one. I’ve always felt it had an ominous tone, but it doesn’t, at least not in its’ derivation.

botanical mandala for jan 26
Lorapetalum leaves, pansy, mahonia flowers, rose cedar cones, jonquils, purple anemone, hop seed bush leaves, dietes seed pods and rose hips

Not sure where this expectation is coming from, probably from expecting the worst and having the worst happen, over and over again. This mandala refutes this. Good things are happening – in Washington, DC, and with the pandemic. I’m not naive enough to believe it’s all good, but it certainly isn’t all bad. Need to adjust my expectations.

There is voter suppression legislation coming from Georgia in the next few days. They want to make it harder to vote by mail. The work for voting rights can’t stop just because we won this time. Maybe that’s what makes me thing of the other shoe dropping.

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  1. jeff felix

    I know exactly what you mean by “waiting for the other shoe to drop”. So well expressed.

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