We drove out to Chimney Rock yesterday, on the smoothest road ever. There’s still work going on — they’re installing a cattle guard — but otherwise no waits to get through. We were the second car in the parking lot. Opened the door, and the wind closed it for me. Beautiful, lots of flowers, but we didn’t stay too long, the wind decided that for us. It was chilly enough to think we needed hot chocolate, so we made our way to Toby’s Coffee Bar . Life is good, in spite of all… fill in the blank.

One of the things that reinforces that belief for me is the response to the show. People are loving it. I brought in a new print yesterday to replace one that needed to go before the end. If you haven’t been yet, it’s up for two more weeks, the last day is April 28th.

ranunculus, nasturtium peta;s, siberian bugloss, borage flowers, columbine, pires japonica flowers, and calendula petals

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