These petunias always make me smile. I have two pots of them by the front door, so I’m smiling a lot these days. Thanks to Las Baulines Nursery for carrying them again this year. I made this yesterday afternoon, and had to wait til the sun went behind the ridge before taking the photo. The flowers wilted a bit, and I replaced a few before continuing. 
Marmalade and fruit conserves have added sugar. I love them both, especially the former — could eat it by the spoonful. I came up with an alternative — slow roasting stone fruit, with a dab of butter. The fruit gets soft, and can be spread on a piece of Brickmaiden levain toast. It’s not quite the same, probably won’t ever find an alternative to marmalade, but it surely hits the spot. I cut them into 1/8ths, vertically from top to bottom, dabbed on the butter, then baked at 325F for about 40 minutes. They could have gone longer, and become more mushy.

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