Feast your eyes on a different botanical mandala every month with the first-ever Mandalas Botanical Calendar. It’s a 2022 limited edition, only 100 of them, and once they’re all sold, that’s it—there won’t be more. Get a big head start on your gift-giving this year. The calendars make excellent holiday gifts, especially when combined with the Mandalas Botanical Series II Greeting Cards, and/or the book, Flowers for a Pandemic. Buy one for yourself, and a few for friends and family. The calendar measures 8.5″ x 11″, and includes 13 beautiful images — one for every month, as well as the front cover. You can see thumbnails of them all on the back cover.

In June 2020, in the midst of the COVID pandemic, artist Carol Whitman started making and photographing flower mandalas as a kind of daily meditation. She shares them on social media, and her blog. This calendar contains some of the best.