I discovered this Chocolate Queen Anne’s Lace a few years ago, as seed from Floret Flowers. It seemed hard to grow at first, taking a while to germinate, but now it pops up on its’ own, as a volunteer, around the yard. It’s often not in the right location, it’s tall, and flops into the path. I’ve taken to constraining it with hoop supports. Floret seed is expensive and there’s not a lot of seeds in the packets. However, I credit them with teaching me how to reliably grow flowers from seed. Their website is beautiful to look at, and full of resources for everyone from the household flower grower, to people starting their own cut flower businesses.

Chocolate Queen Anne’s lace, apple blossoms, diay petals, bottlebrush flower pods, purple sanicle

My garden is finally looking more abundant. Growing flowers from seed leaves empty beds over the winter, making the garden look rather forlorn. It’s also quite time-consuming, and for those reasons I’m going to concentrate on growing perennials next season. I’ll save some space for annuals, just not so much.

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