This one went through quite a number of iterations, the last three of which I’ll share here. I bought a few radicchio plants a while ago, thinking that they’d be good in a citrusy salad, to offset the bitterness.  They’re a type of chicory. However, I’m not cooking much these days, and they haven’t grown much until now. With the longer days, they’re starting to expand. I couldn’t resist the veiny, speckled leaves, figure we can eat it with our eyes. They’re in a section of the garden we refer to as the herb bed. There’s always some parsley. Chervil and mache reseed themselves, and the tarragon comes back from its’ roots. I’ve let a columbine have a corner, though it’s not really an herb. Same with the yarrow on the opposite side. Calendula flowers are edible, though the plant reseeds itself so vigorously it needs minding or will take over. Right now that’s a daily activity.
You can see the other things I tried, with variations on white daisies, and hazelnuts. This is the kind of thing I love doing – playing around with details until it all comes together. In this case the simpler one is the most satisfying, with the brown hazelnuts complementing the dark speckles of the chicory plant.

Daisy, radicchio leaves, primroses and hazelnuts
Daisy, radicchio leaves, primroses, daisies, and hazelnuts
Daisy, radicchio leaves, primroses and daisies

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