Rabbit, rabbit is a tradition in my family, from my mother’s side, the Pennsylvania side. We’ve done it my entire life, and the next generation has adopted it as well. What does it mean? Supposedly it brings good luck for the month ahead. You have to be the first person to say it, or no luck for you. However, this morning I did a little research on the internet, and found that for one family, saying it first thing, before uttering another word, could bestow luck on all the speakers. That’s a kinder way of practicing the tradition, though I don’t know if my competitive siblings and I could allow it. This family is from New England, and they add another twist on New Year’s Eve. They wait until midnight, and walk backwards down some stairs, saying “rabbit, rabbir” while they do. That’s really pushing your luck!I imagine saying it at the beginning of the year covers your luck for the entire year, even if you miss a month or two. I said it at the beginning of the millenium, and have been lucky ever since, though I’m not sure how to quantitatively measure that. I’ve only ever met two people outside of my family who practice this. Both of them have roots in Pennsylvania. It’s considered British, so probably came from my grandfather Twining’s side of the family, though I don’t remember doing it with him. What about you, do you say “rabbit, rabbit’ at the beginning of every month?

Marguerite daisies, borage flowers and buds, wild cucumber tendrils, forget-me-nots, vinca flowers, pansies and Japanese maple leaves

I already feel very fortunate today, more than lucky. My son and I will be hanging our art together at Toby’s Feedbarn Gallery. He’s had many shows and is helping me with my first. Such a gift!

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  1. Jenefer Merrill

    Not sure I’m subscribed but I have a reply. My family has done the rabbits routine forever but it’s always “rabbits, rabbits, rabbits” in threes. Say it before uttering another word brings luck. I think we always interpreted it as luck for the speaker. My kids and I text it or emojis to each other upon waking up to help everyone remember. No stairs involved though. I’ll ask my sisters if they still do it.

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