Rabbit, rabbit again. It’s the 1st of June, so time for rabbit, rabbit, and good luck for the coming month. My sister beat me to it this morning, with a text. We switched from calling to texting a while back, but decided that they have to be individual, not mass communications.

Yesterday i joined my fellow students at the Bolinas School of Botanical Art. The summer session hasn’t officially started yet. Molly Brown, our teacher, is waiting for COVID restrictions to be lifted later this month, and then we can meet in a public place. Yesterday she opened up her studio to us — for making mandalas! Everyone brought plants from their gardens and laid them out on a big table outside. And oh the mandalas people made! It was so simple, and so much fun. Our assignment is to send her photos of our beauties, and then draw at least a section of them. It was so inspiring, watching how happy it made people. I’ve decided to have a little workshop in my garden later this summer. Let me know if you’re interested.

JunePassionflower, columbine seed heads, snapdragon petals

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  1. Meka Kaiser

    Simply Breathtaking !!!

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