I’m receiving such generosity from people as I continue this practice of daily mandala making. Every week I get offers to forage in someone’s garden, beads and baubles get left on my doorstep. Some of the pieces get used over and over again, some wilt before I can work them into a design. All of them remind me that, in spite of COVID, we are connected to each other.

In this image the camellia has the starring role. What you don’t see is how the bottle brush flower buds are keeping it upright. Without them, the camellia flops to the side, and you can’t see into the center of it. Sometimes the supporting role isn’t visible, and I’ll tuck small bits of plant material under a flower to make it work. Here’s one where the hellebore has support.

Camelia, bottle brush flower buds, horsetail fern, two kinds of shells, metal beads, pussy willow branch tips, and smoked bone beads from Africa

Question – are any of you unable to see the entire image? I’ve heard from one person that this is so, and would like to fix this. If it’s happening to you, please let me know, and let me know when it started happening. The only thing I’ve changed recently is my new camera, and I’m wondering if it’s the culprit.

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  1. Ron Wagner

    Image sizing ——- it’s definitely NOT your camera — they should simply click the image — not the email in general —

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