One of the reasons I make these botanical designs is that I want to share the joy that I get when I make them. For months I’ve posted them on Instagram and Facebook, and the response has been so gratifying. People do feel the joy. However, Instagram is finicky when I type in the materials, often giving me error messages. It also changes the photos to fit its’ template, and when I make typos it doesn’t let me edit the comment. Facebook is a bit better.

I started this website and blog to make the images, book, cards, and prints available to people. It works! I like saying a bit more about the image, or the day than I do on social media. I’m so glad you’re here, reading this! Thank you!

Rocks, birch leaves, mastadon ivory, deodor cedar seed squiggles, iris foetidissima berries, amber beads, horse tail fern, fir cone seeds, hop seed bush leaves

This design is such a blend – dried leaves, seeds, stems and seeds, along with some wonderful rocks and beads. The challenge is to line all the pieces up so they’re in right relation to each other, while accepting that they come in slightly different shapes and sizes. With the new phone technology, I’m concentrating on holding the camera steady over the table, and making the margins even. What happens inside the design is determined by the materials.

This is one of the reasons I like getting up early. And there’s a heart too!

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  1. Janet Robbins

    I see a face looking back at me, maybe even sticking it’s tongue out! The photo is just stunning, what a great new phone camera you have ❤️

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