The show is coming down today. It seems like a month is just the right amount of time. It’s time to bring the table home — I’m ready to work within the circle again. Having it there, as an interactive, do-it-yourself activity has been very satisfying. Every morning I’d go to Toby’s early to take a photo of the previous day’s design, and clear it for another. Yesterday, for the first time the table was bare. Someone had brought cistus flowers, and a little bouquet of wild onion flowers for people to use. They’d moved a chair over for people to sit on while they worked/played with their mandala. I’ll post a photo tomorrow of the final one.

Having the table there in the room gave people an understanding of the pattern of holes behind the flowers, and my ability to do such accurate circles. I’m looking forward to putting stems into those holes once again. There are some plants, like blue marguerites, that flop over too much without the structure of the holes, and they are blooming profusely now.

This was my first in-person show, after the virtual one at the Dance Palace. I was happy to show people the difference between the two formats of the prints, and demonstrate how the dye-impregnated metal enhances the images. The show at the Point Reyes Library is next. There are already some pieces up that weren’t in the show, and more will move over there today. The library is open for limited time slots! It’s so wonderful to be able to walk in there again.

The show is coming down today, and it’s been everything I could wish for — teaching me how to organize it, exposing my work to people, connecting me with old friends, selling some of it, and working with two other talented artists. Grateful for it all.

Azalea flowers and stamens, nasturtium leaves

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  1. Meka Kaiser

    WOW !! Nastirtums(sic) ! petals and all !!

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