Today’s offering definitely features signs of spring. I’m heartened by the unfurling little maidenhair fern tendrils, and the ribes sanguinium flower buds. This one has white flowers, and it’s named “Inverness”. Was first found on the Inverness Ridge, here in Marin County.

Marble, maidenhair fern shoots and leaves, bay leaves and flowers, ribes sanguineum Inverness flower buds and leaves, horsetail ferns, shell

It’s also the time of year for fabulous sunrises and sunsets. I’m often fooled into thinking that spring is really here, and then BAM, along comes February and March.

I’ve started some seedlings of pansies, snapdragons, larkspur and carnations. Have planted out some of the pansies into a protected pot by the door. Have never grown them, or carnations from seed, so fingers crossed. Snapdragons do well for me, and larkspurs are one of my favorites of all times. They’re related to delphiniums and generally easier to grow. Tomorrow I’ll pull out the seeds for February planting.

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