Site launch today? Perhaps, at least that’s the goal. I am so glad I didn’t try and build this site on my own. It would never have happened. I’d have been crabby to all those around me, for days and weeks on end. It would not have been pretty – neither my relationships nor the site. My books would be stored in their boxes, with no way to get to people’s homes. However, it didn’t happen that way. One look at my WordPress account, and I knew I needed help.

I mentioned it at my Zoom knitting group, and Aggie, one of our members, suggested that I contact Beatrice, her daughter. I did, and I’ve never regretted it, not once. Each time I think there’s an insurmountable issue, she takes care of it. I am grateful that I’m old enough to know when I need help. I’m even more grateful that I got connected with Beatrice Murch.

January 15 Mandala
Dried pomegranate, tagetes, mastadon ivory, unknown purple leaves, iris foetidissima seed pods, hazelnuts, horsetail fern, silver square, bay leaves

The book is done. It’s beautiful. When I show it to people they don’t want to let it go, they pull back and want to take it home with them. After we launch today, they can. We’ve got the store ready to go, with prices, shipping zones and fees, taxes, and pictures of all that’s available. Locals will be able to arrange to pick it up outside at my house, and save us both time at the post office. Other folks can have it shipped to them. I’ve got boxes of books and boxes of bubble wrap shipping envelopes. The entryway and office look what I imagine other online small businesses look like.

And here it is, an hour later, and it’s launched!

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  1. Beatrice Murch

    I’m so very happy to have connected with you and bring your art to the wider audience of the World Wide Web. It deserves to be seen and cherished by everyone! Brava!

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