So much going on – seriously. I just found out that my book, Flowers for a Pandemic, will be ready for pick-up next Wednesday or Thursday. It’s two weeks early and whoever heard of such a thing? That means that we need to finish the web site as best we can, test it, photograph the cards and post them to the site, write the launch newsletter article, get ready to ship books and cards, do some marketing, understand how the site store works, how to link to Google Analytics, and still do what’s the most fun – make botanical mandalas.

This one really was a joy to make. I started with two components from yesterday: the horsetail fern andMexican orange flowers. Then added the sand dollar, dietes seed pods and the succulent rosette. It all came together with the cotoneaster berries. This is one of the things that’s most satisfying. I play around with different materials, different arrangements, rejecting or accepting them as I go. At a certain point I can see what’s missing, and then have to figure out what to use to meet that component. Today it was the cotoneaster berries. They came along at the end, and tied it all together.

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