Dahlia, breath of heaven leaves, Japanese anemone, dahlia petals

I had a “drinking dream” the other night, though this time it was a “sugar dream”. My drawing teacher and some other indistinct people were there, and chunks of chocolate were floating around us all. I was offered some, hesitated very briefly, and then said “no thanks”. I woke up without regrets. When I first stopped drinking alcohol I’d dream, and find myself with a drink in my hand, then waking up in a panic. Haven’t had one of them in a long time. I’m two and a half weeks into the sugarless regime, and I am finding it pretty easy, one day at a time. Have lost a little weight. I’m not berating myself for what I’m eating, and my overall mood is good. I’ve had one or two thoughts about having something sweet, but when I sit with them, and ask what they’re about, they evaporate. There is no need to pursue them. Mind you, it’s only been 2.5 weeks, and we haven’t had any major holiday that’s focused on sugar, but will deal with them when they arrive. Very grateful that it isn’t a struggle today.

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