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Anemone, salal leaves, evergreen clematis petals, pires Japonica leaves, pansies

I’m having a show!

I'm having a show and you're invited! We can't have a reception, but if you live in the Bay Area, we can have a viewing and a visit together. I'll…

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Anemone, strawflowers, madrone sticks, hazelnuts, bottlebrush flower buds, matilija poppy seed heads

Anemone’s give me hope

Anemones give me hope. Growing athem is a delight, watching as they push up through the earth, already starting to unfurl and straighten, is part of the day’s story in…

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First anemone of the year

First Anemone

Here’s the first anemone of the year. I picked it yesterday, and made a mandala to get my mind off the vaccine symptoms I was having. Feeling much better today,…