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Strawflower, blueberry leaves, hazelnuts, salal, cedar branch tips

Grateful for hazelnuts

Grateful for hazelnuts — I recently cleaned out the studio, and composted some of the older materials I use for these mandalas. When I mentioned it to my grandson, he…

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Rose, dahlias, palm nuts, cedar branch tips, pepper tree berries , and madrone bark

Concentrating on botanical drawing

I have been concentrating on botanical drawing, and doing fewer mandalas. This one contains flowers I got at the nursery in Bolinas — they lasted and lasted — and so…

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Ivy keaf with stem

Ivy leaf with stem

Ivy leaf with stem. I continue to get such satisfaction out of learning to draw. Finished this one today. It's the last day of class for the year, our teacher…

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It’s acorn season here

It's acorn season here. They're dropping on the ground, and the deer are feasting. These showed up in Molly Brown's botanical drawing class. I am a person who always said they…

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