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Nereocystis luetkeana (aka bull whip kelp), hellebore buds and leaves, smoky topaz, iris foetidissima seeds, mahonia and Japanese maple twigs

Groundhog Day again

It's Groundhog Day again, and it seems like it's been here for the last 11 months. However, the plants aren't stuck doing the same thing day after day, and I…

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Blue-eyed daisy, violets, mahonia leavess, flowers and buds, horsetail fern, ribes sanguinium

First things first

Sometimes I have trouble with the concept of first things first. Not because I think it's invalid, but because there are many things I think should be first - making…

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Marble, maidenhair fern shoots and leaves, bay leaves and flowers, ribes sanguineum Inverness flower buds and leaves, horsetail ferns, shell

Signs of spring

Today's offering definitely features signs of spring. I'm heartened by the unfurling little maidenhair fern tendrils, and the ribes sanguinium flower buds. This one has white flowers, and it's named…

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Rocks, birch leaves, mastadon ivory, deodor cedar seed squiggles, iris foetidissima berries, amber beads, horse tail fern, fir cone seeds, hop seed bush leaves

Share the joy

One of the reasons I make these botanical designs is that I want to share the joy that I get when I make them. For months I've posted them on…

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Marbles, sand dollar, bird breast bone, society garlic leaves, foetidissima iris seeds, clay beads, Mexican orange flower buds, acuba leaves

Mandalas connect us

Mandalas do connect us. I just had a deep, moving conversation with a woman I knew only slightly til this morning. We both volunteer for the Center for Common Ground's…