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Matilija poppy, scabiosa buds, flax seed heads, nigella, feverfew

Variations on a theme

Variations on a theme — blog subscribers get three instead of two that I posted on FB and IG (because it's simpler this early in the morning). Let me know…

Read more about the article The garden has exploded
Dahlia, larksput, flax seed heads, pansies, snapdragons

The garden has exploded

The garden has exploded in my absence of 5 days. Lots of weeding to do, and flowers to pick. Here's the first mandala to be graced by a dahlia. Would…

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Read more about the article Up really early this morning
Chocolate Queen Anne's Lace, hollyhock petlas, rose campion, horsetail fern, and comfrey flowers

Up really early this morning

I got up really early this morning to listen to a curator in London from the William Morris Society talk about his gardens. It was fun, sitting in bed, watching…

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Read more about the article Mandalas Botanical Pop-Up
Cosmos, horsetail fern, clay beads, tansy, calibrachoa, clematis seed pods

Mandalas Botanical Pop-Up

Mandalas Botanical galore! I'm having a pop-up sale of books, greeting cards and prints, outside at Toby's next Sunday afternoon. Pick up a print, greeting cards, or the book, Flowers…