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Olema Marsh, October 28, 2021

Simplifying things

Simplifying things - I hear about it, and talk about it myself, so I've been taking a look at where I spend my time. I walk every day, garden, make…

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Read more about the article Grateful for hazelnuts
Strawflower, blueberry leaves, hazelnuts, salal, cedar branch tips

Grateful for hazelnuts

Grateful for hazelnuts — I recently cleaned out the studio, and composted some of the older materials I use for these mandalas. When I mentioned it to my grandson, he…

Read more about the article Concentrating on botanical drawing
Rose, dahlias, palm nuts, cedar branch tips, pepper tree berries , and madrone bark

Concentrating on botanical drawing

I have been concentrating on botanical drawing, and doing fewer mandalas. This one contains flowers I got at the nursery in Bolinas — they lasted and lasted — and so…

Read more about the article Having internet problems
Crab shells, horsetail fern tips, hare's tail grass, pieces of scabiosa seeds, and unknown flower heads from Santa Monica Mountains

Having internet problems

I'm having internet problems with this blog, so am behind on posting this one that I made on Sunday. Was clearing out the shelves with all the materials I've used…

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Buckeye nut, pyracantha berries from Trinka's, dried zinnia, horsetail fern

Today is my father’s birthday

Today is my father's birthday. He was a Soviet analyst in the CIA, specializing in interpreting and conveying what the Soviet Union was doing during the Cold War. He wasn't a…