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Flowering tip of nectaplum 'Spice Zee', eucalyptus buds, anemone petals, hellbore center, dried sage from Stunt Ranch Road Trail in the Santa Monica Mountains

When to stop?

How do you know when to stop? Today's combination came together quickly. Taking the photos, and choosing the lighting, making them look like what I had in mind, that took…

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First anemone of the year

First Anemone

Here’s the first anemone of the year. I picked it yesterday, and made a mandala to get my mind off the vaccine symptoms I was having. Feeling much better today,…

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Calla lily stamens, pansies, daffodils, and shells

COVID Vaccine #1

Had my COVID vaccine #1 two days ago, and thought I'd escpagted with just a sore arm. Not so. Was very uncomfortable last night,. Have cancelled a walk with a…

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Daphne and salal leaves, daffodils, strawflowers

Avocado dye bath

Linen soaking in dye bath made from avocado pits and skins Beautiful color, in this avocado dye bath, which fades to a subtle pale version of this (sort of) when…

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Hellebore, feather, daphne leaves and bud, poppy seed pods, dietes seed pods, dried bottlebrush buds

A fine, soft day

Today is what the Irish call a "fine, soft day". In May of 1998, we took our mountain bikes to Ireland, flying into Shannon, then two buses, first to Limerick…

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Hellebores flowers and petals, silk tassel tree buds, bay leaves, sea urchin spines

Hellebores rock

Hellebores rock. Their exquisite flowers bloom in winter, they thrive in shade, and are very hardy. Have you ever had to move plants for their own protection? A month ago…