Taking day trips for now, though the EU voted to open its’ boundaries to fully vaccinated people or “COVID-safe” countries. The list of the latter hasn’t been released yet. In the meantime, life goes on. We’re taking ourselves on a picnic to China Camp. Went there recently with visiting family, on Mother’s Day, when our plans to eat at Fish in Sausalito were thwarted by the long lines. It easily absorbed the families celebrating at the picnic tables above San Pablo Bay, and the sandy beach below. People were in the water, though today’s wind might make that unlikely for us. I looked up this history of the place — the shameful tale of white people stealing land from the native Miwoks, and persecution of the Chinese who fished for shrimp there.

Chocolate Queen Anne’s Lace, persimmon leaves, Douglas iris seed heads, snapdragon petals, and scabiosa seeds

Chocolate Queen Anne’s lace — one of my favorite to use in both bouquets and mandalas. It has self-seeded around the garden, often in places I’d rather it didn’t. It falls into the path, so I’ve supported it with a hoop, and do judicisiou pruning to keep it in bounds. And the shine on the persimmon leaves foreshadows the fruit to come. The Douglas iris seed heads were in my first mandala ever, before I knew I’d be making them every day. That anniversary is coming up soon. Will look for that first one and share it here. For now, it’s time to get ready for a windy walk at Millerton.

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