One of the things my father really hated was telling lies. I’m sure he told his share of them, as did I. I grew up outside of Washington, DC, in the Virginia suburbs. In the early days of his career he worked in Foggy Bottom, near the Potomac River. The throughway went by a big flour producing company, and there was an awful smell right in there. The company put up a sign that said something like “Smells in this area do not originate from this building.” We never believed it, but the sign proclaimed it day after day. I’m not sure if the building was bought to expand the road, or if the company went out of business, but the smell disappeared when the company did.

Our former president told thousands of lies, and some people believed them. Like the lie from the flour company, I never did. My naive hope is that as the country recovers from the pandemic, more and more people will see the lies. I’m not holding my breath (pun intended), and still working toward restoring our democracy. Also continuing to make these mandalas every day.

Hellebore flower and petals, magnolia flower buds, pires Japonica leaf tips

Here’s a close up. Enjoy!

Close up

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