The pepper tree berries come from my quick trip to Los Angeles. My grandson was here for five days. We had such a wonderful time, he is such a joy. We drove him home on the 5, taking breaks in spite of the dry, windy heat. After a couple of days there I headed home on highway 101, stopping for the night in San Luis Obispo to break up the trip. Got home yesterday mid-morning, and I’m settling back into my life. Feels like I’ve been away longer than a few days.

Dahlia, hollyhocks, pepper tree berries, stock, anemone petals, pansies, feverfew

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  1. Riitta M Serumgard

    Beautiful, Lovely pepper tree berries! Happy you were able to take a break on the way home. We went to the John Steinbeck museum in San Louis Obispo and had dinner in his childhood house, with original recipes served. Years ago. East of Eden comes close to his life there.

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