This is a critical moment – we are on the brink, yet again, of losing our democracy. But unlike being able to vote Trump out, this time there will be no fixing it. With redistricting at play in GOP state legislatures across the country, gerrymandering is guaranteed to keep the Republicans in power for at least the next 10 years. As Elizabeth Warren said at a recent Town Hall “The threat is genuine and is in front of us. We must understand the urgency of this moment.”
I understand that politics is our life. The decisions that get made, the legislation that passes have big influences on people, often based on our income, race, gender, and geography. State legislatures around the country are making it harder to vote. The Brennan Center describes the situation, “Vote suppression has a long and ugly history in the U.S., and over the last two decades, it has resurfaced with a vengeance”. The For the People Act passed in the House (HR1) and needs to pass in the Senate as S1 to become law and supercede the suppression laws being enacted. 
I’m doing what I can to help get it passed, holding text banks and phone banks on Zoom. This week we’re contacting people in Arizona asking them to contact Senator Sinema to change the filibuster rule. We need this for S1 to pass. I invite you to join me. Message me and I’ll get you set up. You can do it from anywhere with an internet connection and a computer or tablet.
I started making these mandalas as a response to the pandemic and political chaos. They’re a joy to make, and I love sharing them with you. Texting and making calls is boring, truth be told. However it’s also deeply satisfying. Here’s what one voter said to a texter “…I hope we realize that the little simple changes that have been proposed will only make us go around the obstacles and VOTE in Greater Numbers!!!!!! We will VOTE or we will die!” We often get thanked for doing this work. Please join us if you’re so inclined.

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