This too shall pass, and thank goodness for that. Woke up with a case of the “f-its”. so reminding myself that everything changes, nothing stays the same is an excellent thing to do. No matter the condition of health, energy, mood, etc. it will change, and for that I’m grateful. Easy for me to get into self-pity, though just writing this down has helped. I think it’s related to revising a document I’m working on. Inertia and dread – though I know from past experience that it’s never as bad as I expect. Onward then!

Mahonia leaf, bottlebrush flower buds, eucalyptus caps, smoky topaz, abalone, christmas cactus, daphne flower bud, pussy willow twigs

Exciting discovery this morning – my new phone/camera does amazing things. I’ve wanted to learn how to take still life photos that highlight one thing, and have most everything else dark. Playing around with portrait mode and stage light does it! And my first auricla has blooms on it. It’s name is Stripey. This in itself reverses the downward spiral! Seriously, reminding myself of what is good counters the not-so-good. Also good to lower my expectations for the day. I don’t have to do the revision unless I want to. It’s my decision, no one is pushing me.

First auricula blossoms

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