Three more days – my shoulders will drop for the third time. First was for Biden/Harris, then GEORGIA, and now Inauguration. Praying that all people be safe this week.

botanical mandala
Pansy, sea urchin spines, wallflower petals, abalone, iris foetidissima seed pods, nasturium plants with roots, nasturium leaves

I get up early, and after starting the fire in the studio, like to get to work on the days’ mandala. In the winter, I usually harvest plants from the day before, so I don’t have to wait for the light to come up in the morning. I was weeding the baby nasturtiums in the north yard, and accidentally pulled up some little guys by the roots. They sat in shallow water overnight, and stayed turgid enough to use this morning, They’re a bit odd, but I like showing the whole plant.

The wallflowers smell delicious, and they’re blooming right now, so those too get harvested the evening before, and go into water for the morning.

I’m still thrilled that the site launched on Friday! Thank you for subscribing to the blog, buying the book, Flowers for a Pandemic, and all your support. Leave a comment if you’re so inclined.

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