Mandalas, Painting & Pottery

Toby's Feed Barn April 2-28, 2021

RGB Mandala

Botanical Mandalas by Carol Whitman

Oil on linen over panel. 24

Oil and Watercolor Paintings by Max Lesser

Ceramic platter with painting of pomegranates

Maiolica pottery by Laurie Curtis

Max Lesser, Laurie Curtis, and Carol Whitman are showing their art at Toby’s Gallery. The work includes Carol’s botanical mandala photographs, Max’s oil and watercolor paintings, and Laurie’s maiolica pottery. Over the past year, as we kept our distance from each other and re-centered our lives to home, we turned inward to expressing our creativity. These pieces attest to the power of art to bring hope and joy, and get us through difficult times. Now that we’re gradually re-awakening to life in a post-vaccination world, the artists want to share what they’ve created with you. Due to ongoing COVID restrictions that limit crowd size, there won’t be an opening gala. Please stop by.