Today I walked up our hill, something I hadn’t done in a while. I knew I wanted some new horsetail fern, both for this mandala, and to use in the do-it-yourself mandala-making I’ll have  at the show at Toby’s next month.  Then the day got busy, and I didn’t get to put this together til just now. This is my first ranunculus of the spring, and the first snapdragon florets as well. This time last year I hadn’t discovered my genre yet, so it’s a treat to have new flowers to work with. In addition to the horsetail fern and ranunculus, there’s also hellebore, yarrow leaves, primroses, and anemone petals.

Ranunculus, snapdragon florets, horsetail fern, yarrow leaves, hellebores, anemone petals, primroses

I love these bay trees arching over the road,

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