Today is my father’s birthday. He was a Soviet analyst in the CIA, specializing in interpreting and conveying what the Soviet Union was doing during the Cold War. He wasn’t a spy, but he didn’t discuss his work. For some reason I’d always thought his birthday was the same as Lenin’s and the day the Russian Revolution started, but neither of those things are true. Where did these ideas come from? My father liked to pull our legs, so maybe that’s the source? I always believed him until today, when I looked it up. What is true is that his good friend, and fellow expert on Eastern Europe, Abraham Brumberg, shared the same birthday. They’re both gone a while now —happy birthday to them both.

Buckeye nut, pyracantha berries from Trinka’s, dried zinnia, horsetail fern

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  1. Janet Robbins

    Lovely story about your father & his colleague and another beautiful mandala ❤️

  2. Riitta M Serumgard

    That’s funny, because I’m sure I remembered my Mother telling me years ago that I was a Black Russian Gypsy Jew. All those years went by with my believing her; sharing it with Tora, and she shared it with friends.Then my husband and I were gifted an Ancestry kit by my son from Texas. The results came back to inform me that I am 100% Finnish. Mom passed away years ago, but I can see her saying that to me now with the slightest twinkle in her eye.

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