Two days out from the recall, the ridiculously expensive, time-wasting recall. I’m relieved and grateful that enough people voted No, and now we can go back to doing what we can to secure voting rights. Starting again next Wednesday I’m hosting phone banks — you can participate from anywhere with a computer and an internet connection. I can teach you, it’s not as stressful as I first thought, and is often quite rewarding. On Monday I spoke to two young men, who hadn’t voted yet, and didn’t realize the election was the next day. They thanked me for reminding them. If you’ve ever considered it, now is a good time to start.
Still making mandalas — they help with the craziness of our times. These two are so different, though both use geranium leaves in the same way. Which do you prefer? I like the hydrangeas best, calmer tonight than the fiery geranium flowers from election day. I’m back in my botanical illustration class. It anchors me to the present moment, fully concentrated on that graphite pencil action.

Geraniums, zinnias, sunflower petals, geranium leaves
Hydrangeas, Kent Beauty oregano, hazelnuts, geranium leaves

And finally a morning fog shot from the trail along White House Pool.

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