Had a lovely visit from a former co-worker yesterday. She’s an expert on internet security at kp.org. I learned a lot from her, back in the day. She’s still working in IT, is 20 years younger than I. Made me grateful that I had that experience, and am reasonably technically proficient. Also that I’m retired and can devote my energies to CLAM, Indivisible West Marin and my art. I got my education in my 40’s and had a satisfying professional career — all good — though my days are simpler these days, and for this I am deeply thankful.

Made this mandala yesterday, right before she got here. Tried to post it last night — my computer wasn’t having it. Should work this time. So a day late, though better than never.

Dahlia flowers and petals, crocosomia seed heads, daisy whose name I don’t know, virgin’s bower clematis

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  1. Meka Kaiser

    and it’s well worth it !!

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