We seem to have come out the other side of the atmospheric river. We had little streams crossing the property, and one place where water was spouting out of the ground. Kept the wood stove going all day, and were cozy except for worry about one of the cats. We have two — one who hates rain, won’t go out in even light drizzle, and one who normally doesn’t mind it. Yesterday, the latter, Della, looked out the door and took a long time to decide what to do. She turned back once, and then went. And disappeared for the rest of the day and half the night. She came in around 1:30 this morning, announced her presence, and fell asleep at my feet. This morning, she went out again. Wish I knew where she spent the day yesterday. She wasn’t particularly wet when she came in.

These were done yesterday. Which do you like better? I like them both, the simplicity of the one, and movement from the rose hips of the other.

Tesael, persimmon leaves, rosehips, blueberry leaves
Teasel, persimmon leaves, blueberry leaves

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