What advice would you have for someone turning 13? My grandson will become a teenager next week, and I’m going to write him a letter to mark the occasion. It makes me think back to being 13. My poor parents — I was a piece of work — smoking, sneaking out, stealing my mom’s station wagon in the middle of the night to go swimming with my girlfriends. He’s not doing those things and has just come through a year of lockdown, only seeing his friends on Zoom, and starting middle school at a new school. 

I don’t know that I would have heeded advice from my grandmother. I thought I knew it all. This, combined with not wanting to be told what to do, meant that you couldn’t tell me anything.

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One piece of advice that would have served me well would be to take my time making decisions. I didn’t like the anxiety of not knowing, not deciding, so I’d rush to a resolution just to get it over with. Not such a skillful way to live. It led me to big mistakes. I have learned, am still learning, how to sit with uncertainty. I don’t see that he has this tendency, so maybe it wouldn’t be relevant?  Will think about it some more.

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