What do you consider spiritual? I used to be totally flummoxed trying to understand the characteristics of a spiritual person. It seemed magical, new-agey, and I just couldn’t define it. Was it someone who meditated or did yoga? Those could be spiritual practices, but didn’t think they made the person spiritual by doing them.  What I’ve come to believe is that it’s things like patience, kindness, tolerance, open mindedness, and generosity. There’s nothing magical about it. I’d like to embody these, but only do a so-so job of it. Have to remind myself regularly and orient myself toward these values, because my mind wants results quickly, likes to judge, and can have a scarcity mentality. I know I’m not alone, it’s part of being human. So I need to get centered, remember what I value, and do the best I can. Writing this commentary every day helps! Thank you for reading.

Ranunculus, photinia florets, horsetail fern, rosehips, calendula petals, hazelnuts

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