What’s that on my back? Yesterday I got a haircut. We’re a one-car family now, and my husband had driven over to Petaluma to the dentist’s office. I was happy to take my second walk of the day – the first was around Millerton – and go home across Olema Marsh. It’s a good way to avoid as much road traffic as possible. I actually thought about ticks, knowing people who’d picked them up there, but I didn’t go off the path to see if the lupines were in bloom. This morning I sat down to write this post, and reached up to scratch an itch on my upper back. Yikes! I knew right away it was a tick by the way it was anchored to the skin. Is this too gross? Hope not. I texted my neighbor, who happens to be a nurse practitioner, and she agreed to take it out. She used an alcohol wipe to clean around the area, then used tweezers, grabbing the offending arachnid as close to the skin as possible, pulling to straight out. She inspected both it and my back, and it was clear there were no parts left in me. She cleaned my skin again, and flushed the tick down the toilet. We took a photo of the spot, which I won’t share here. 🙂  Symptoms of infection can take 24 hours to three weeks to appear, so I’ve marked my calendar, in case I come down with fever or other flu-like symptoms. How’s that for life on life’s terms?

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