Which is your favorite flower in this mandala? I was excited about the ranunculus, as I didn’t know what color to expect when I picked it up at Annie’s Annuals & Perennials. That place is like a candy store for gardeners, and I always get carried away. This is a good example as I’d never picked this color, but now that it’s here, I love it. As I walked around the yard, a single calendula called out to me. Soon there will be many, and I’ve thinned a lot of volunteers who’ve self-seeded in inappropriate spots. This one is the first of the season, and it’s petals are so vibrant they put everything else in the background. I knew they’re edible and used in salves and creams. They’re also credited with the ability to see fairies, and other magical properties. 

Ranunculus, calendula petls, primroses, burgundy sorrel leaves, common daisies, pansies

The second photo is of my auricula theatre. My friend and I are both growing them, and we send their photos back and forth via text. They’re alpine plants, and can take the cold. They don’t like to be too wet, and you don’t want to get water on their leaves. Mine were looking stressed (they’re very expressive that way), so yesterday I moved them from the studio to their new home, their theatre. I’ve been watering them with North Marin Water, and you can see the salts coming through on the pots. Maybe I should scrub that off, and use our local irrigation water? They like a light, occasional fertilizing, so they’ll get a very dilute fish emulsion today. Hard to know with these guys. So far only one of mine has bloomed. In England there are gardeners devoted just to auriculas. 

Aauricula theatre

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